Easy to Play Mobile Phone Games

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Here are a few of the games that I have on my mobile that I use the most. Perhaps you will try these games out for yourself and have some fun.

They are great games to dip in and out of if you want to fill ten or twenty minutes of your time, but be warned you may find them hard to put down.

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 is part of the famous and ever popular Pac-Man series. It follows the usual format of the player having to navigate Pac-Man through an endless maze consuming the dots and power ups whilst not getting caught by the chasing glitch and not bumping into one of the ghosts, either of which will bring the game to an end.


Agario is a web browser based game where you play the role of a microorganism on a Petri dish. As a quick biology lesson for those that do not know, Agar is a medium used to promote the growth of microorganisms in laboratory conditions where they will multiply rapidly. The idea of the game is for your small single cell to grow as big as possible by eating the other cells around you. The problem is that many of them are bigger than you and will try to eat your cell. This may all sound rather boring but believe me; once you start playing it becomes very hard to put this game down.

Crossy Road

In Crossy Road you are expected to get your character across as many roads as possible without getting killed. However it is not only the traffic that you need to worry about, there are rivers, trains and even an eagle that will swoop down and snatch your character if you stop moving or start going backwards. As you move through the game you will accumulate points and you need to be on the lookout for gold coins to unlock different characters. This game requires quick reactions and it is very hard to resist not to try again and again if you do get killed.

Quiz up

Fancy having your own quiz show on your mobile phone, well here is your chance. Quiz Up has hundreds of thousands of questions in over a thousand categories. You can play against your friends or just take a chance and play against a random player. Once you have sorted out your opponent you will play six normal rounds then a bonus round. The questions are multi choice and you and your opponent are given ten seconds to make your selection, you need to answer each question quickly and correctly to gain maximum points. There are other features to the game to add to the interest but if you are a quizzer give it ago and test your knowledge against players from all over the world.

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Gaming through the ages of time explained

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It cannot be helped but through time things will always change. Whether it is you or games, it will change usually for the better. When it comes to games, they have been around for a long time to the point that there are games that may not have been played for years or have been heard of in years because there will always be new games to play and new games that are created.

Though it is inevitable that new games will pop up, you still need to understand that the idea of gaming will always transcend through time because it is human nature to find something to entertain you.

Before your grandparents would go out of their home to play games, any sort of game that their parents had taught them and the games that they thought of themselves. In today’s society, gaming is done through a monitor while you sit down in your comfortable chair or sofa.

Though you can still make friends in today’s gaming world, you can share your interest about the new games that you want to play with those online whilst before you would have to introduce yourself to make friends. There isn’t much of a difference because in the end you are still playing a game but the idea of how you play is very different and has changed drastically through the ages.

Though you are safe and comfortable when you are playing games in today’s society rather than in the past but you have to understand that there was more movement and exercise before when you played games rather than today where you let your hands do the work.


Though in today’s modern world, gaming is more advanced thanks to the improvement of technology, it is because of this change that you have the games that are so exciting and addictive. The prices of the games before were very different to today because it wouldn’t cost you a fortune and if you could not afford it you can always make up a game.

Most of today’s gaming is all about having the best and high tech equipment but almost everyone can afford a new or second hand game. Gaming may have changed through the ages but you are still getting entertainment whether you like it or not but the only difference is how you entertain yourself. Before you may have to go into an adventure and use your imagination but in today’s gaming you have to be smart and fast if you want to win the game and also you will be playing the game in the comfort of your own home.

There may be a lot of differences with the gaming methods through the ages but one thing will never change and that is the idea of being entertained or having so much joy and fun because you are playing games. Even if the games are simple or complex, so long as you are enjoying yourself then the game is doing an excellent job.

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New Total War –Warhammer DLC that introduces refreshing gameplay

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top-left-image-1Total War –Warhammer was a game that surprised many Total War fans as its setting wasn’t in the past. The setting for this game is the Warhammer universe, where humans fight against orcs and many other races. This universe is rich and vast, and it has a lot to offer.

The enormity of the universe didn’t do anything to calm the fans of both the Total War and Warhammer franchises. No one could even imagine a successful crossover between these two, and yet it’s here. Every one’s doubts disappeared once they were able to see what this game is all about. It connected the epic scale of the Total War games with the epic world of Warhammer, and it turned out to be a really epic game.

Now, the new DLC called Call of the Beastmen has arrived, and it brought a new race to the game. But that isn’t everything that this DLC brought. Continue reading to find out more about the content of this DLC.

New DLC, new kind of gameplay

This expansion to the original content of the game adds a new race and a whole new way to play it. The DLC allows you to control a horde of Beastmen. This means that you have no settlements to care for; you just plunder and move on. You take on the role of the bandits, raiding the settlements of other nations and going back into hiding after the deed.

The campaign is impressive, and it will take you around eight hours to complete it. In the campaign, you play as Khazrak the One Eye. This character and his group are essential for the progress of the campaign and if they fail the game is over. This element of the game, the importance of the unit, is new to the game. Rather than being a limiting factor it introduces a new mechanic that you must use. This forces you to plan out your conquests to keep this unit safe and still make it useful in the battle.

bottom-left-image-2Beastmen – A savage race with savage gameplay

You won’t have to deal with an economy with beastmen. To be more precise, you don’t have an economy, no gold mine that will help you raise the army. To earn the gold, you have to pillage burn and destroy. It’s interesting, entering large settlements and leaving smoking ruins. This means that you will have to balance the spending to have money at all times.

Total War franchise is famous for its real-time battles. Fighting the armies of other races is tricky, as beastmen come in hordes. You don’t have units that you can set up, and you got groups of beastmen. To win a battle and successfully plunder a settlement, you will have to use various tactics and strategies to outmaneuver and outflank your enemies.

If you are a fan of Total War Warhammer, then you will love this DLC. It brings something new to the gameplay, and you will have good 20 or 30 hours of fun with it.

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Video Games – How It All Began

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the-first-imageEven though the history of modern electronic gaming is not a long one, it is a tale full of exciting moments and interesting developments. In a relatively short time frame, video games have come a long way, and from their humble beginnings, they are now a part of our everyday lives.

Modern culture is unimaginable without video games, and the gaming industry is now worth more than $100 billion. Games are now produced “in all shapes and sizes”, and many genres and sub-types have created actual social movements and separate groups.

However, constant changes and innovation are pushing the gaming world further into the unknown, and we can only wait and see what the future holds for this exciting activity.

The actual birth of gaming as a phenomenon was difficult to pinpoint, but an approximate date can be established since simple games and simulations appeared in the 1950s and even 40s.

Those were the pioneer days of computer science, and today’s gamers will probably have problems trying to understand the actual size of the first machines.

Also, the origins of video games were a side-effect of research, and the first games certainly did not focus exclusively on entertainment. Tic-tac-toe and puzzle games were the first games, but “Spacewar!” from 1962 is usually referred to as the first public video game.

The 1960s are known for many things, and gaming is hardly one of them, but in 1967, Ralph Baer, one of the founding fathers of gaming, created “Brown Box” – a legendary device which is usually called the first gaming system for home use.

Ping-pong and checkers were available on this machine, and the device was later known as Magnavox Odyssey. Soon after the success of Baer’s device, Nolan Bushnell, another famous man in the history of video games, created Atari – a company well-known in the gaming circles.

Atari 2600, with its game called “Space Invaders,” still has a legendary status in modern popular culture.

Later years brought more and more attention to the gaming industry, and companies like Nintendo or Sega seized the opportunity, and they dominated the 1980s and the early 90s.

Also, personal computers, such as the Commodore 64, Apple II or Macintosh were introduced to the general populace, and the price of these machines was continually getting lower.

the-second-imageWith the appearance of Windows 95 and LAN gaming, players gained a whole new dimension to their gaming experience, and the subsequent Internet revolution introduced multiplayer gaming and thus made gaming more popular than ever.

The start of the 2000s was marked by gaming consoles such as Play Station or Xbox, and they are still dominating the gaming world, together with Nintendo Wii.

However, mobile gaming is taking more and more players away from the consoles, and smartphones and tablets are now changing the gaming world once again.

Games like Angry Birds or Clash of Clans achieved amazing results, and software developers are hoping that the need for high-quality games is still present in today’s society. The wheels of evolution are probably not yet done with the gaming world, and further changes are just around the corner.

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The Return of Agent 47 Review

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image 1stThere are only a few true gamers that haven’t heard of the Hitman series since this game title has been available for PC, and game consoles for more than 16 years. The first part of the game called simply agent 47 was released for PC and PS.

From that point over the years, gamers could enjoy completing tasks, assassinating targets in various ways and methods. After the previous part Hitman Absolution there was no signs that we would see another sequel of the game until last year Eidos announced yet another sequel of this amazing franchise.

The new Storyline.

It appears that due to agents 47’s years as he was close to 55 at the end of last part of the game Hitman Absolution, producers had to set the story 20 years before the events of the first part of the game. Oddly enough as we all know how the story started, this time, agent 47 is in his training days performing missions for the agency.

These training missions are reconstructions of real events, one of Soders own missions that became legendary. After agent 47, without any effort, completes all his tasks and missions, he becomes a threat to everything that the agency stands for as seen by Erich Soders, one of the high members of ICA- International Contact Agency.

Diana and Soders were the only two members of the agency supervising agent 47’s missions and training. After he completes all the training missions given by Soders, even the ones that are created in such way that no ordinary assassin can complete them, he is finally accepted as ICA’s agent.


2nd imageAfter the prologue is finished and agent 47 is a member of the infamous organization, he is instructed to lay low by Diana. This is when the actual game begins, where players start their assassination missions throughout the world.

The graphics are movie-like. Physics in the Hitman series were always amazing, proving this with best effects on the bullet, weapons like knives, and objects impact.

The game will support an online mode where players will be able to compete with other Hitman hardcore fans in various missions. The task will be of course to eliminate the target in the shortest period, with the most efficient technique.

System Requirements.

The game will support direct X 11 and will require you to have at least an i5 processor running on 2500hz, 8 GB of ram preferably DDR3 at least, Graphic card with no less than 2 GB of RAM such as GeForce GTX660 or Radeon HD 7870.

This was announced as a minimum system requirement needed for a normal performance with the lowest effects. But even for the highest performance and best effects new Hitman game doesn’t require much more from players as stated by Eidos.

The game was released in series. The first episode was released on March 11th, second on April the 26th, and third on 31st of May. The final retail version of the game will be available in January 2017.

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What defines a good gamer and how to become a pro

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Pro Gamer - Image 1When it comes to gaming, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, there are three different types of gamers.

There are casual gamers who occasionally like to play a game, whether it’s a single-player game or a multiplayer game, it doesn’t matter.

They like to play it from time to time simply to spend some quality time enjoying themselves, and they don’t worry much about winning or losing.

Hardcore gamers who spend many hours playing video games each day and mostly in a competitive sense, and then there are pro gamers who play games for a living.

In terms of hours, pro gamers probably spend a bit more time playing than hardcore gamers, but that’s not the primary factor which differs these two categories.

If you ever had a wish to become a pro gamer, but found yourself stuck without being able to progress no matter how much you play, there are a couple of things you need to know.

First of all, your attitude is pulling you down. Most hardcore gamers are very easily irritated and they tend to ”flame” their teammates. This behavior is typically seen in most League of Legends matches, and it is the determining factor when it comes to progress.

If you want to improve your game-play, you have to take a step back, question your game and think about what YOU could do to benefit the team and win the game.

It doesn’t matter how much your teammates suck; it matters how you put things into perspective. There are professional boosters who will take your account and win almost single-handedly in the same teams you were playing, and weren’t able to prevail.

This just means that you are not at the top of your game and if you want to progress you have to improve yourself first.

Secondly, practice does make perfect, but not everything is about spamming matches and hoping to improve. If you repeat the same mistakes in each game, you will stay at the same skill level.

Try to search online how to become a better gamer, look at guides, youtube clips, watch professionals play and try to devise a new tactic. Try new things and always try to outsmart your opponent by devising an overwhelming strategy that can’t be countered if it hadn’t been seen already.

Pro Gamer - Image 2Third, and the most important thing, stay calm. If you get mad and start rushing into your opponents without any previous thought, you will get stomped. Your character does not get stronger the madder you are.

Furthermore, if you annoy your teammates, they will stop helping you, the team will fall apart, and they will pick you off, one by one, until you become utterly defenseless.

The problem with pro gaming, just like with anything else in the world, is even if you do follow all the rules above, you still might not make it as a pro because it requires immense talent.

It’s an awesome thing to be a professional gamer, but if everyone could do it, it wouldn’t be so special. Nonetheless, don’t let this bring you down, maybe you do have the potential to make it, but your talent is simply buried by the anger you feel once you start losing.

Try to follow these few steps and see where it takes you, I guarantee you will become much better.

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What makes Bike Race so popular?

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addictive game imageThe mobile gaming world is crowded with interesting and exciting titles, and this diversity is something that players certainly love. They have a chance to explore lots of games and to enjoy playing various types of games. However, from time to time – some titles become more popular than others, and millions of players become fans of a single game.

Such is the case with Bike Race, and this title is attracting a lot of gamers from all over the world. It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason that makes people come back to this game, but the combination of simple gameplay and colorful graphics may give us a clue about the rise in popularity of Bike Race. Due to this popularity our team has created a Bike Race Hack to help you get the maximum fun from the game.

Bike Race is a physics-based game created by Top Free Games, and this studio is entirely responsible for development and publishing of this mobile game. They optimized the game so it can be played both on Android and iOS devices, and since recently – Bike Race is available on Facebook as well.

The social media aspect is imperative in today’s gaming world, and any software development company that wants to achieve success with its product must offer its games on one or more of the modern social networks. Also, several kinds of in-app purchases are possible with Bike Race, but they can be easily avoided if you use hack tool.

This helpful addition can unlock all tracks and all bikes for you, and also you can get some other benefits and items in the game. It does not have viruses or bugs, which makes it a safe and protected program that can make your gaming experience even better and easier.

However, if you are not a fan of Bike Race Cheat Tool, you will be left with numerous attempts to overcome individual tracks, simply because some of them can be very challenging and demanding.

knowledge and understanding image 2Since Bike Race is a physics-based game, players have to possess the necessary knowledge and understanding of some laws of physics, predominantly about inertia or gravitation.

The controls of the game are perhaps sensitive – on the right-hand side of the screen are the commands to accelerate and on the left are the brakes, which is why many use online tools such as a Bike Race hack no survey.

In addition to those touch-based controls, Bike Race incorporates tilting controls, which means that by tilting your device the motorbike in the game will change its position accordingly.

Bike Race is placed in a colorful environment, with four possible worlds. Each of these worlds is a separate thematic unit, and each of the worlds contains eight different stages.

Clearly, there is an abundance of options and potential areas for riding, and after you complete a track you move on to the next level. Additional points can be collected if your jumps and loops are filled with acrobatic stunts, and by performing front flips, back flips, wheelies or some other movement – your ride will earn more points, and your will get more stars.

It is interesting that, despite its popularity, many people complained about the difficulty of the game. Thus, our experts created cheats that give you everything that you would eventually unlock after several months of playing. Maybe this Bike Race Hack is what drags people to play this game, bragging to their friends about how they are the best.

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