Easy to Play Mobile Phone Games

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Here are a few of the games that I have on my mobile that I use the most. Perhaps you will try these games out for yourself and have some fun.

They are great games to dip in and out of if you want to fill ten or twenty minutes of your time, but be warned you may find them hard to put down.

Pac-Man 256

Pac-Man 256 is part of the famous and ever popular Pac-Man series. It follows the usual format of the player having to navigate Pac-Man through an endless maze consuming the dots and power ups whilst not getting caught by the chasing glitch and not bumping into one of the ghosts, either of which will bring the game to an end.


Agario is a web browser based game where you play the role of a microorganism on a Petri dish. As a quick biology lesson for those that do not know, Agar is a medium used to promote the growth of microorganisms in laboratory conditions where they will multiply rapidly. The idea of the game is for your small single cell to grow as big as possible by eating the other cells around you. The problem is that many of them are bigger than you and will try to eat your cell. This may all sound rather boring but believe me; once you start playing it becomes very hard to put this game down.

Crossy Road

In Crossy Road you are expected to get your character across as many roads as possible without getting killed. However it is not only the traffic that you need to worry about, there are rivers, trains and even an eagle that will swoop down and snatch your character if you stop moving or start going backwards. As you move through the game you will accumulate points and you need to be on the lookout for gold coins to unlock different characters. This game requires quick reactions and it is very hard to resist not to try again and again if you do get killed.

Quiz up

Fancy having your own quiz show on your mobile phone, well here is your chance. Quiz Up has hundreds of thousands of questions in over a thousand categories. You can play against your friends or just take a chance and play against a random player. Once you have sorted out your opponent you will play six normal rounds then a bonus round. The questions are multi choice and you and your opponent are given ten seconds to make your selection, you need to answer each question quickly and correctly to gain maximum points. There are other features to the game to add to the interest but if you are a quizzer give it ago and test your knowledge against players from all over the world.

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What defines a good gamer and how to become a pro

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Pro Gamer - Image 1When it comes to gaming, there are a couple of things you need to know. First of all, there are three different types of gamers.

There are casual gamers who occasionally like to play a game, whether it’s a single-player game or a multiplayer game, it doesn’t matter.

They like to play it from time to time simply to spend some quality time enjoying themselves, and they don’t worry much about winning or losing.

Hardcore gamers who spend many hours playing video games each day and mostly in a competitive sense, and then there are pro gamers who play games for a living.

In terms of hours, pro gamers probably spend a bit more time playing than hardcore gamers, but that’s not the primary factor which differs these two categories.

If you ever had a wish to become a pro gamer, but found yourself stuck without being able to progress no matter how much you play, there are a couple of things you need to know.

First of all, your attitude is pulling you down. Most hardcore gamers are very easily irritated and they tend to ”flame” their teammates. This behavior is typically seen in most League of Legends matches, and it is the determining factor when it comes to progress.

If you want to improve your game-play, you have to take a step back, question your game and think about what YOU could do to benefit the team and win the game.

It doesn’t matter how much your teammates suck; it matters how you put things into perspective. There are professional boosters who will take your account and win almost single-handedly in the same teams you were playing, and weren’t able to prevail.

This just means that you are not at the top of your game and if you want to progress you have to improve yourself first.

Secondly, practice does make perfect, but not everything is about spamming matches and hoping to improve. If you repeat the same mistakes in each game, you will stay at the same skill level.

Try to search online how to become a better gamer, look at guides, youtube clips, watch professionals play and try to devise a new tactic. Try new things and always try to outsmart your opponent by devising an overwhelming strategy that can’t be countered if it hadn’t been seen already.

Pro Gamer - Image 2Third, and the most important thing, stay calm. If you get mad and start rushing into your opponents without any previous thought, you will get stomped. Your character does not get stronger the madder you are.

Furthermore, if you annoy your teammates, they will stop helping you, the team will fall apart, and they will pick you off, one by one, until you become utterly defenseless.

The problem with pro gaming, just like with anything else in the world, is even if you do follow all the rules above, you still might not make it as a pro because it requires immense talent.

It’s an awesome thing to be a professional gamer, but if everyone could do it, it wouldn’t be so special. Nonetheless, don’t let this bring you down, maybe you do have the potential to make it, but your talent is simply buried by the anger you feel once you start losing.

Try to follow these few steps and see where it takes you, I guarantee you will become much better.

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Gaming laptops – the best for a specific price range

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Gaming laptopsGaming laptops are only as limited as your imagination or aspiration. The prices have considerably reduced and with a $1,000 price tag, you can get a state of the art laptop with a blue – ray player, high-end discrete Nvidia graphics like NVIDIA GTX 680M, Radeon HD 7970M and other cutting-edge features.

However, the market is full of a whole lot of laptops that not only having gaming capabilities, but also come with a very affordable price.

They allow you to opt whether you want any features such as DVD drives to no optical drive at all and higher ends graphic to lower end graphics.

Once you have a very clear idea as to what are you looking for, you can choose from a number of laptops that are capable of running games even though not called a gaming laptop.

And if you accept refurbished / used laptops, they cost you around $500. The price of an average mainstream laptop continues to drop while performance keeps on improving. The prices, no doubt depends on the features you desire and the quality, but powerful laptops get more affordable day by day.

When it comes to gaming capabilities, there are still some price factors to consider, and so even by saying cheap laptops with gaming capabilities, we expect they will start at the minimum of the $500 price tag.

Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686 is definitely made for you if you are looking for a laptop that can deal with multitasking, but also that fits into a specific price range, like $500 in this case. The laptop is powered by quad core CPU Core i7, which ensures that it effectively run multiple programs without slowing down.

Gaming laptops photoYou might feel contended with 6 GB RAM for a laptop with this price tag. Personally, I prefer 8 GB RAM but considering the fact that RAMs are very cheap these days; it’s no big deal and can be easily upgraded.

The laptop comes with 500 GB of hard disk, which should be sufficient for video and photo storage. Personally, I would also say that 500 GB storage is more than enough for a laptop of this price range.

However, if you still like to see 1 TB, then you definitely need to move up to the higher price range.

I think the most attractive feature of this laptop is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card. The card comes with a dedicated video RAM of 2GB, making it a great choice for gaming.

My old personal laptop with this price tag has only onboard graphics with average capabilities. So, if you need a laptop for heavier editing and enjoying your games, this is certainly the best choice among the laptops of this price range.

Again, it is not the top model among the gaming laptops, but will definitely give you a good gaming experience and value for money.

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