Gaming laptopsGaming laptops are only as limited as your imagination or aspiration. The prices have considerably reduced and with a $1,000 price tag, you can get a state of the art laptop with a blue – ray player, high-end discrete Nvidia graphics like NVIDIA GTX 680M, Radeon HD 7970M and other cutting-edge features.

However, the market is full of a whole lot of laptops that not only having gaming capabilities, but also come with a very affordable price.

They allow you to opt whether you want any features such as DVD drives to no optical drive at all and higher ends graphic to lower end graphics.

Once you have a very clear idea as to what are you looking for, you can choose from a number of laptops that are capable of running games even though not called a gaming laptop.

And if you accept refurbished / used laptops, they cost you around $500. The price of an average mainstream laptop continues to drop while performance keeps on improving. The prices, no doubt depends on the features you desire and the quality, but powerful laptops get more affordable day by day.

When it comes to gaming capabilities, there are still some price factors to consider, and so even by saying cheap laptops with gaming capabilities, we expect they will start at the minimum of the $500 price tag.

Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686 is definitely made for you if you are looking for a laptop that can deal with multitasking, but also that fits into a specific price range, like $500 in this case. The laptop is powered by quad core CPU Core i7, which ensures that it effectively run multiple programs without slowing down.

Gaming laptops photoYou might feel contended with 6 GB RAM for a laptop with this price tag. Personally, I prefer 8 GB RAM but considering the fact that RAMs are very cheap these days; it’s no big deal and can be easily upgraded.

The laptop comes with 500 GB of hard disk, which should be sufficient for video and photo storage. Personally, I would also say that 500 GB storage is more than enough for a laptop of this price range.

However, if you still like to see 1 TB, then you definitely need to move up to the higher price range.

I think the most attractive feature of this laptop is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card. The card comes with a dedicated video RAM of 2GB, making it a great choice for gaming.

My old personal laptop with this price tag has only onboard graphics with average capabilities. So, if you need a laptop for heavier editing and enjoying your games, this is certainly the best choice among the laptops of this price range.

Again, it is not the top model among the gaming laptops, but will definitely give you a good gaming experience and value for money.