top-left-image-1Total War –Warhammer was a game that surprised many Total War fans as its setting wasn’t in the past. The setting for this game is the Warhammer universe, where humans fight against orcs and many other races. This universe is rich and vast, and it has a lot to offer.

The enormity of the universe didn’t do anything to calm the fans of both the Total War and Warhammer franchises. No one could even imagine a successful crossover between these two, and yet it’s here. Every one’s doubts disappeared once they were able to see what this game is all about. It connected the epic scale of the Total War games with the epic world of Warhammer, and it turned out to be a really epic game.

Now, the new DLC called Call of the Beastmen has arrived, and it brought a new race to the game. But that isn’t everything that this DLC brought. Continue reading to find out more about the content of this DLC.

New DLC, new kind of gameplay

This expansion to the original content of the game adds a new race and a whole new way to play it. The DLC allows you to control a horde of Beastmen. This means that you have no settlements to care for; you just plunder and move on. You take on the role of the bandits, raiding the settlements of other nations and going back into hiding after the deed.

The campaign is impressive, and it will take you around eight hours to complete it. In the campaign, you play as Khazrak the One Eye. This character and his group are essential for the progress of the campaign and if they fail the game is over. This element of the game, the importance of the unit, is new to the game. Rather than being a limiting factor it introduces a new mechanic that you must use. This forces you to plan out your conquests to keep this unit safe and still make it useful in the battle.

bottom-left-image-2Beastmen – A savage race with savage gameplay

You won’t have to deal with an economy with beastmen. To be more precise, you don’t have an economy, no gold mine that will help you raise the army. To earn the gold, you have to pillage burn and destroy. It’s interesting, entering large settlements and leaving smoking ruins. This means that you will have to balance the spending to have money at all times.

Total War franchise is famous for its real-time battles. Fighting the armies of other races is tricky, as beastmen come in hordes. You don’t have units that you can set up, and you got groups of beastmen. To win a battle and successfully plunder a settlement, you will have to use various tactics and strategies to outmaneuver and outflank your enemies.

If you are a fan of Total War Warhammer, then you will love this DLC. It brings something new to the gameplay, and you will have good 20 or 30 hours of fun with it.