The Amazing Progress Of Technology

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Progress Of Technology 1st imageSince the dawn of time, people have been struggling to overcome the hardships of everyday life. The imminent danger and obstacles they had to overcome made them strive for greater knowledge and innovation, the key to survival was always creativity.

Until the moment electricity was invented, all inventions were highly practical and usually material, but with the invention of electricity came the great change of pace in the progress of technology.

Electricity made what was thought impossible, possible. Soon after its invention, or rather discovery, it was used in every aspect of modern life. Industrial revolutions began and everything changed so quickly, but most importantly, another kind of technology came to life – computer technology.

Today, we can’t imagine our lives without computers even though their use in everyday life was introduced only a few decades ago.

Most computers are used in average households and usually serve as means of entertainment and social interaction, but a lot of people forget that those same computers, even less powerful than an average one in someone’s home today, sent people to the moon.

One thing everybody should know is that computers are made of two things, hardware, and software. Hardware is the material a computer is made of, but software is the code installed on your hard drive.

While the hardware is usually the same with of course some differences in characteristics, software can be completely different depending on what you want to do.

Computer technology runs any industry that comes to mind. All that’s different is the software that operates it. All those great, big factories exist because of computer technology and most machines in those factories are connected to the computer that oversees all the work.

2nd image for postEverything important is in the software. The timing of each machine, temperatures, pressure, anything that comes to mind is regulated via the main computer.

Computer technology can be connected with any other technology. So for example, in modern society, it can even be applied to agriculture.

Since the launch of satellites to achieve a GPS system, computer technology could then be applied to machines used for agriculture. The only missing thing that was essential in the programming of these machines was their actual position, and this can now be acquired via GPS systems.

Now with all the necessary information, the machines don’t even need an operator to drive them, all you have to do is type in the coordinates, set the desired speed of the vehicles, apply regulations on the external features of the machines and start the program.

If this isn’t impressive enough, the future of transportation will follow almost the same principle as these vehicles for agriculture already do. The automobiles will become driverless; you will step inside the car, type in the destination where you want to go, and it will drive you there, all thanks to computer technology and GPS.

Modern computers are truly multifunctional and not only work related, it can now be used for other forms of activities such as gaming.

If they were only work related, the computers wouldn’t sell very well since the vast majority of people wouldn’t have the need for them, but since they can be used for entertainment purposes as well, they have become the necessity of today’s society.

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Gaming laptops – the best for a specific price range

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Gaming laptopsGaming laptops are only as limited as your imagination or aspiration. The prices have considerably reduced and with a $1,000 price tag, you can get a state of the art laptop with a blue – ray player, high-end discrete Nvidia graphics like NVIDIA GTX 680M, Radeon HD 7970M and other cutting-edge features.

However, the market is full of a whole lot of laptops that not only having gaming capabilities, but also come with a very affordable price.

They allow you to opt whether you want any features such as DVD drives to no optical drive at all and higher ends graphic to lower end graphics.

Once you have a very clear idea as to what are you looking for, you can choose from a number of laptops that are capable of running games even though not called a gaming laptop.

And if you accept refurbished / used laptops, they cost you around $500. The price of an average mainstream laptop continues to drop while performance keeps on improving. The prices, no doubt depends on the features you desire and the quality, but powerful laptops get more affordable day by day.

When it comes to gaming capabilities, there are still some price factors to consider, and so even by saying cheap laptops with gaming capabilities, we expect they will start at the minimum of the $500 price tag.

Acer Aspire V3-571G-9686 is definitely made for you if you are looking for a laptop that can deal with multitasking, but also that fits into a specific price range, like $500 in this case. The laptop is powered by quad core CPU Core i7, which ensures that it effectively run multiple programs without slowing down.

Gaming laptops photoYou might feel contended with 6 GB RAM for a laptop with this price tag. Personally, I prefer 8 GB RAM but considering the fact that RAMs are very cheap these days; it’s no big deal and can be easily upgraded.

The laptop comes with 500 GB of hard disk, which should be sufficient for video and photo storage. Personally, I would also say that 500 GB storage is more than enough for a laptop of this price range.

However, if you still like to see 1 TB, then you definitely need to move up to the higher price range.

I think the most attractive feature of this laptop is the NVIDIA GeForce GT 640M graphics card. The card comes with a dedicated video RAM of 2GB, making it a great choice for gaming.

My old personal laptop with this price tag has only onboard graphics with average capabilities. So, if you need a laptop for heavier editing and enjoying your games, this is certainly the best choice among the laptops of this price range.

Again, it is not the top model among the gaming laptops, but will definitely give you a good gaming experience and value for money.

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Be the best in DomiNations

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DomiNations hackIf you wonder how to hack DomiNations, you have come to the right place! Download this cheat and generate unlimited amount of food, crowns and gold!

What could you do with the unlimited amount of resources in DomiNations? Well, you can easily get the limitless quantity of any resource you need in the game in few simple steps!

About the tool

It is a safe cheat tool, aimed to help regular players with the unlimited amount of food, crowns or gold. You must admit, DomiNations is a great game, but only until you realize that you need to buy resources for real money if you want to advance further in the game!

Well, it is a fact that almost every game is designed with that in mind; developers are always trying to persuade players to spend real money in the game. Our tool is designed with the opposite intention – we want to share resources free with the community!

How Does It Work?

The hottest topic among gamers nowadays is security, and we are fully aware of that fact. With that in mind, we designed DomiNations Hack as an absolutely safe and secure tool that is fully tested.

It is protected with a sophisticated algorithm that is creating a secure and undetectable connection with the DomiNations servers from one side and our dedicated servers from the other side.

After you enter your account name and define an exact number of food, crowns or gold, the request is transferred to our servers where the entire info is encrypted and transferred via a secure connection to the original DomiNations server.

The next step, the desired amount of resources is added to your account and cannot be compromised at any time.

second main imageIs It Safe?

As we already stated, this tool is made to be completely safe and secure. We respect your privacy and from that reason, we created the entire transaction or interaction between our dedicated server and DomiNations server, so that way your ID and privacy are safe.

To use our tool, you just need to provide your Account Name; we will never ask you for any additional details like credit cards, personal info nor we will ask for donations. This tool is free, and it will remain so indefinitely.

Ok. So What I should Do to Get This Hack?

The process is very simple; you just need to download DomiNations Hack from our server and start the program. After few moments, you will be asked to enter Account Name and the desired amount of resources, just confirm your request and almost instantly specified amount of resources will be added to your account.

It is that simple, free and safe solution for getting an unlimited amount of food, crowns and gold in DomiNations.

The tool is fully compatible with all up to date devices; you can use it to get resources on Android or iOS device, Mac or Windows, all you need is an internet connection to get access to our servers.

You are guaranteed the best security, our team is always alert for any possible update of the game and are ready to provide you with a complete functioning tool at all times.

It Is Time to Dominate the Game with these safe DomiNations cheats!

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Gaming from the angle of a hardcore gamer

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Hardcore gamerThe Gaming Industry is already known to be one of the biggest industries in the world with the capability to beat the Box Office, Music Sales, and even currently keeping the economy alive. This is a business and as a business it should be taken seriously right?

Gaming has played a significant role in my life. I play every chance I get and when I am at school, you will usually find me ranting on about the latest games, trailers, and just the industry in general. Some people even come to me to find out what is coming out and when, my opinions about a game or just start a conversation for fun. I don’t mind at all.

It makes me feel good inside. But lately I have been getting a bunch of negative feedback from parents and people at my parent’s work place. They always state that gaming is ruining their kid’s life and how gaming is really just something kids should not do.

There are even ad campaigns against gaming! I have seen one that states “Gaming shortens the lives of children.” I read this with some surprise that an agency would actually go far as to attack the industry as if it were as dangerous as smoking or drinking alcohol. What makes it all the worse is that I, myself, can’t be looked at seriously.

People tend to look at me while listening to my gaming rant and give me this weird look as if my life is a joke. At times, my friends and I like to just walk around in uptown Long Beach and just talk about anything that comes to mind and, for me, that’s gaming.

We walk into stores and sometimes occasionally stop and sit as people walk by or stand around near us acting like they aren’t listening to what we are saying. The fact of matter is, they are listening. I watch these people walk around, and pretend to mind their business. I’m not stupid though. I can see them rolling their eyes. I can see them taking my talk as a joke when I’m sounding as serious as can be. I can see that.

Another thing that bugs me is when people assume I don’t have a life because of my gaming. I have been given so many insults at school and by so many people about how I stay at home and play video games. People always make the assumption that I don’t have any friends because of it. So many insults have been shot at me because of Video gaming and this shit needs to stop!

Crappy shows like Dr. Phil are getting in on the “Video Games are bad” boat. I don’t watch these shows often. Only if I’m at someone’s house and they are watching it, then I don’t have a choice.

I have seen a Dr. Phil episode where a parent had some kid who was violent and a drug addict. The mom later stated that he began to play violent video games while all this drama was happening. I watched this and just think, “Your son was already bad from the start lady. Blame yourself for neglecting him.”

I am just sick of people thinking that gaming is a joke. Plus, a big thing about games is that the gaming industry is currently one of the things keeping the economy alive. People are buying games even when the world is in such a rut resulting in some heavy marketing.

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Docking station – great tech gadget

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Docking stationThanks to a “docking station”, you can enjoy the advantages of both a laptop and desktop PC.

A stiff neck, sore muscles or tired eyes are often the consequences of long working days in front of the laptop, even for someone with a good screen and keyboard. But are these sufficient reasons to switch to a desktop PC? A laptop is comfortable for work, without a doubt. It is convenient while travelling, at home or in the office but also has disadvantages. The screen is small, sound is forgettable, and especially from the point of view of ergonomics, laptops can be disastrous.

“The question is whether I should also spend money to buy a desktop PC,” says Paul Seifert, a German computer expert. This may not be necessary, because a “docking station” can provide all the benefits. It is a device to connect your laptop, which provides you with a screen, keyboard, mouse, printer and more. A “docking” accessory provides the advantages of both a laptop and desktop PC. “On one hand, I can surf the Internet from the couch with my laptop. Meanwhile I have also the option to work comfortably from my desk,” says Seifert.

The peripherals are connected permanently to the “dock,” which eliminates the jungle of cables and plugs that we all know. “Buying a desktop PC in the office is justified if I have at my disposal screen, keyboard, printer and mouse, I do not need to connect and disconnect constantly,” says Stephan Hermsdorf, computer expert of the German University of Dresden. The practical side of this is that while connected to the “dock,” the laptop is recharged.

When buying a “dock” – they’re are around 100 euros – you must check that the accessory is compatible with your laptop. “Even with devices from the same manufacturer, not all docking stations are compatible with all models,” says Hermsdorf. Overall, this is solved by consulting the technical data, which usually includes which models are supported. Also see if the station offers ports for all peripherals that you plan to use.

More economical models are called universal solutions that tend to work with all laptops and cost around 50 euros. The connection to the laptop is not done via a special cable, but via a USB port. There are devices that have up to seven ports available according to Christian Schlüter, of the German foundation Stiftung Warentest consumer protection.

The connection via USB cable; however, has some disadvantages. “The speed, quality and features available in a dock are superior,” says Seifert. The laptop, for example, is charged by a charger connected only to the network. The performance graph also reduces significantly due to the detour via USB docking station. However, a universal solution is a good alternative for those who only use “docking” occasionally, said the expert.

In any case, compatibility conflicts rarely occur, says Schlüter. As with “Docks,” manufacturers of universal solutions need to pay attention that the connections with the station are compatible with all accessories to be connected. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the performance chart will help your laptop not a “docking”. In this case could serve as an external graphics card, plug the laptop via a USB connection. But “onboard graphics chips are usually of little use for lack of space, heat and, finally, cost,” says computer expert Hermsdorf.

For special applications, such as video editing or complicated three-dimensional games, it would be advisable to acquire an external graphics card. The same could be said for external sound cards with USB connection, offering more possibilities to amateur musicians and better sound quality to lovers of good music.

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Gaming And Technology News – Top 4 Games To Play In May 2016

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There are numerous fantastic games to choose from in 2016 and this makes us even more excited about gaming and technology! Also, numerous games have made a real come back and this is particularly thrilling. If you are searching for the best games to play in 2016, here are but a few suggestions!

#4 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants In Manhattan

The game which is going to be released in May 24th is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan, and for now we know that it will run on the following platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, PS3. This story is something the majority of gamers grew up on and the TMNT has its unique appeals. Still, you never know what you are going to get from Platinum Games, and certainly TMNT has got our curiosity working, especially when we know that there will be some RPG elements to the game and that gamers will be able to upgrade the turtle’s abilities using green orbs which can be found in the game. Also, you will be able to play with three of your friends as the TMNT and kick ass out of the foot-clan together!


#3 Overwatch

Another game to be released on the 24th May is Overwatch. You will be able to play this game on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. This game has not only awesome aesthetics, but it also has a great game-play and allows the player to be rather competitive. In addition to that, you will also be able to change your character between the deaths and this will allow you to play numerous characters and adjust your character to what your team needs. This unique arena multiplayer will certainly get a lot of attention in the gaming world as many gamers are really looking forward to this game which gives a truly personalized experience in gaming.


#2 Doom

This game can be played on Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms, however you will have to wait just a little while longer to play it, since the release date for Doom is in May, or May 13th to be precise. It has been long 12 years since we had the opportunity to play Doom, however we are more that excited to see the latest Doom game. This is one big game with big guns, and it will certainly have a lot of fans in the future, as for now there are a lot of gamers looking forward to play Doom. The only down side to this amazing and thrilling game is the fact that we will have to wait for it just a little while longer!


#1 Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

May 24th – This date will certainly be circled by a lot of gamers in their calendars as Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is also being released. The developer EA DICE announced that the game will be available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC platforms. You will be able to take full control of Faith Connors through a futuristic city and enjoy all the parkour escapades, use environmental objects to get from building to building and use the runner’s vision.


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