image 1stThere are only a few true gamers that haven’t heard of the Hitman series since this game title has been available for PC, and game consoles for more than 16 years. The first part of the game called simply agent 47 was released for PC and PS.

From that point over the years, gamers could enjoy completing tasks, assassinating targets in various ways and methods. After the previous part Hitman Absolution there was no signs that we would see another sequel of the game until last year Eidos announced yet another sequel of this amazing franchise.

The new Storyline.

It appears that due to agents 47’s years as he was close to 55 at the end of last part of the game Hitman Absolution, producers had to set the story 20 years before the events of the first part of the game. Oddly enough as we all know how the story started, this time, agent 47 is in his training days performing missions for the agency.

These training missions are reconstructions of real events, one of Soders own missions that became legendary. After agent 47, without any effort, completes all his tasks and missions, he becomes a threat to everything that the agency stands for as seen by Erich Soders, one of the high members of ICA- International Contact Agency.

Diana and Soders were the only two members of the agency supervising agent 47’s missions and training. After he completes all the training missions given by Soders, even the ones that are created in such way that no ordinary assassin can complete them, he is finally accepted as ICA’s agent.


2nd imageAfter the prologue is finished and agent 47 is a member of the infamous organization, he is instructed to lay low by Diana. This is when the actual game begins, where players start their assassination missions throughout the world.

The graphics are movie-like. Physics in the Hitman series were always amazing, proving this with best effects on the bullet, weapons like knives, and objects impact.

The game will support an online mode where players will be able to compete with other Hitman hardcore fans in various missions. The task will be of course to eliminate the target in the shortest period, with the most efficient technique.

System Requirements.

The game will support direct X 11 and will require you to have at least an i5 processor running on 2500hz, 8 GB of ram preferably DDR3 at least, Graphic card with no less than 2 GB of RAM such as GeForce GTX660 or Radeon HD 7870.

This was announced as a minimum system requirement needed for a normal performance with the lowest effects. But even for the highest performance and best effects new Hitman game doesn’t require much more from players as stated by Eidos.

The game was released in series. The first episode was released on March 11th, second on April the 26th, and third on 31st of May. The final retail version of the game will be available in January 2017.